​Me and Woody. "Montage" live.

​Live with Rodney Jones

On the Red Carpet Of the "Seeing Is Believing" premiere at The Nashville Film Festival, with producer director Amy Sailer.

Live at the Minneapolis Convention Center , Oct. 2018

Click this link to watch the Trailer for the Documentary "Seeing Is Believing" which features my song"Thy Will Be Done". The song starts at 1:40 in.

​The "Chancellors" . 1966

​Live with Mac Gayden on the Nashville Network

I started playing guitar in 1964. My 1st band was called "The Jerks" and we played in and around my hometown of Pulaski,Va. In 1965 I became lead singer and guitarist for "The Chancellors". We played all over Southwest Va. doing every kind of gig imaginable including: college dates, radio shows, private parties, beauty pageants, and lots of high school functions. In the late sixties the original "Jerks" reformed and started doing original material as well as everything from Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix to James Brown and The Fabulous Flames. During this time several people asked me if I would teach them to play, so I started doing some private lessons and realized I really enjoyed sharing what I had learned.

​Live with Peter Criss

​"Mind Over Matter" live

​To see the video trailer featuring my song "If I Cross"

click this link: https://vimeo.com/111116087

​I recently did an interview with the Roc n' Pod Podcast about my time playing with Peter Criss Of "KISS".  You can click on the link to check it out. 


Here are some additional highlights of my career so far:

1. I moved to Nashville in 1973 and met Stan Hemphill (LITTLE RICHARD). We formed the "Afro Space Boogie Band" and performed at the Exit-In. I also performed with Stan at Deborah's sittin' in with Memphis Slim.

2. In 1975 I met Allen Woody (ALLMAN BROTHERS, GOV'T MULE). Along with Tony Crow (LAMBCHOP) we formed Nashville's first Jazz Fusion band "MONTAGE". We later added drummer John Moss (BAREFOOT JERRY). Tony and I were the principle composers for this incredibly talented and interesting band. We performed all over and opened up for the "DIXIE DREGS" in Chattanooga.

3. Also in 1975 I studied theory with John Pell, graduate of the Berklee School of Music and currently head of the guitar dept. at Belmont University. I am indebted to John for setting me on the right theoretical path and introducing me to the Bill Leavitt material.

4 In the late 70's spent several years travelling the U.S. with various groups including: 50's and 60's hitmakers "The VOGUES", vocalist extraordinaire Michael Paris and pop group "Skyline".

5. In the early 80's I performed with various artists including: Slide guitar legend and hit songwriter (Everlasting Love) MAC GAYDEN, Spice Davis of the hit group "SHALIMAR", experimental rock group "The NEON BUSHMAN", Austin legend the fabulous "TONI PRICE", the incredible "LITTLE" RITCHIE JARVIS, "DIANA" (the Captains table in Printer's Alley) and country star RONNIE DOVE. Also during this time was a session musician with numerous artists doing lots of different styles including: Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock, Blues, Alternative and Country.

6. In 1984 I played lead guitar and sang backup for Ex-KISS rocker PETER CRISS'S band "THE ALLIANCE". We toured as a headliner and also opened shows and shared the bill with bands including: "RATT", "EDDIE MONEY", "THE ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION","THE GREGG ALLMAN    BAND" and "ALCATRAZ" (featuring Yngwie Malmsteen). The Alliance also included, Allen Woody, Tony Crow and John Moss.

7. In 1986 I formed the band "Mind Over Matter". I had written a bunch of tunes in the rock form of the day and was lucky enough to be joined by top notch musicians: bassist Brian Pugh (AURA) ,drummer  David Chandler and keyboardist Jim "Turbo" Kirby (ROY ORBISON). We played all over the place and released one album, "Crazy" with the party at the Cannery Ballroom and opened up for "The Artimus Pyle Band".

8. In the early 90's played guitar with Allen Woody at his only Bass Clinic in this area. He was with "the Allman Brothers Band" at the time and had just released his Instructional Video.

9. In the mid to late 90's focused on writing and continued teaching privately. (I have always taught privately throughout my career). I also performed all over the South with the Funk and R&B Band "The B. Boomers". Also during this time I performed "Dust In The Wind" with John Elefante. (KANSAS).

10. I started recording and releasing solo records in 1995 and to date have released 6 records total. Links to these and clips are available on the "Music" page of this website.

My song writing credits include:

The recent feature film "Ghosting". This independant film received dozens of awards and the musical score was nominated for a "Maverick Movie Award". This was certainly an honor as the score also included songs from the great "Lightnin' Hopkins".

The inspiring documentary "Seeing is Believing" about the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda. I wrote two songs for the documentary and was honored to share the score with so many unbelievable African musicians.

​I have also had songs performed on Turner Network Television, project Dogwaffle and also  recorded by Peter Criss.

"New 2018". 

I have a song called "Push back Against The Wind" in the new movie "A Host Of Sparrows". The song was co-written with Kevin Boone and Michael Mann. I recorded it my studio here in Nashville and it will premier on July 7th 2018 in PA.

What's cool is that the song will play in it's entirety over the opening scenes of the film.

Nashville Guitar Lessons